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Are you an adult considering going back to college to further your career? If so, congratulations! This is not an easy choice to make, but in most cases, it is a wise decision. As an adult, college can be just as intimidating, if not more intimidating than it is for teenagers entering the college world for the first time. Are there some colleges that cater better to adult students? Can you complete a course in less time at one school than you can another? Are there affordable payment options available? You can find the answers to these and many more questions on my site.

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Creating Convenient Ways For College Students To Receive Packages While Away At School

Parents of college students may be inclined to send care packages to students who are away at school, and students living in dorms may opt for online shopping if they do not have access to a vehicle while on campus. Making it easier for students to receive these packages is one way that colleges and universities can provide added convenience options for their students. The following ideas can help you provide easy access to packages for your student body.

Create A Package Drop-Off/Pickup Center

Postal service delivery agents won't likely be able to deliver to each dorm room, so creating a central location for package drop-off services can make it easier for packages to be delivered to campus. This center can be placed in the student union or a similar building, and it should be staffed with at least one person who is available during regular delivery hours. Your school should determine a means to verify the identity of each student picking up packages, such as showing a school ID card, to prevent the wrong person from picking up a package.

Organize An Email Notification System

Your package drop-off agent can email the students when packages arrive, which will alert them to pick up their items. Consider using only the school's email system to ensure the emails go to the proper student, and create a deadline for items to be picked up from the center. You may require students to bring the email or show proof of the email on their mobile device to provide an added layer of security for items being picked up at the package center.

Create A Student Mailbox Center

For small packages, letters and other mail, you can create a mailbox center in the student union where students can pick up small items without having to show ID or deal with the package agent. This makes it easier for students to pick up their regular mail as well as small items they may order online. Arrange for a few students to sort and deliver the mail to the mailboxes each day. Be sure to create a key system that students can use to access their mailboxes. The keys can be given out during freshman orientation as part of their introduction to the school, and the postage solution options can be part of your orientation tour.

Postage Vending Machines

Another option for providing total mail solutions on campus is to work with the United States Postal Service to add a postage vending machine, mailbox and package drop-off box in your student union. This allows students to send mail to loved ones and return packages for any items they ordered that did not meet their needs, all without having to leave campus.

Work with your local delivery services and the USPS to create convenient postal solutions that meet the needs of your students. By providing them convenient on-campus mail solutions, you give your student body value-added services that can improve their college experience. For more ideas about easier delivery for colleges & universities, contact other schools to see what they do.