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adults attending college - your questions answered

Are you an adult considering going back to college to further your career? If so, congratulations! This is not an easy choice to make, but in most cases, it is a wise decision. As an adult, college can be just as intimidating, if not more intimidating than it is for teenagers entering the college world for the first time. Are there some colleges that cater better to adult students? Can you complete a course in less time at one school than you can another? Are there affordable payment options available? You can find the answers to these and many more questions on my site.

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7 October 2016

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How Native American Studies Can Enhance Your Archaeoastronomy Career

Studying how ancient cultures used the heavens to predict the weather or to explain their existence can be a rewarding and deeply interesting career. Professionals planning to focus their careers on the indigenous peoples of early North America can greatly benefit from Native American studies. Check out some of areas of archaeoastronomy that Native American studies can support in your quest to learn more about how early peoples viewed the heavens.

Native American Studies Include History Like The Pawnee Tribe And 'The Council of Chiefs'

The group of stars known today as the Corona Borealis was once revered by the Pawnee tribe because they considered them their 'Council of Chiefs'. The Pawnee held the stars close in their religious beliefs and used them as guidance in their daily lives. In fact, when the Pawnee constructed their homes, they always left an opening in the top to be able to see the 'Council of Chiefs' in addition to allowing smoke to escape from inside their lodging. The interaction between the early Pawnee tribes and the heavens is still a great part of the tribe's culture today. If you plan to include present day studies in your archaeoastronomy career, you can learn more about which tribes still hold ancient beliefs close to their hearts through Native American studies.

The American Southwest Hopi Tribe History And Archaeoastronomy

Some Native American tribes believed the existence of worlds before the present one they lived in. The Hopi tribe believed in the Hopi Blue Star. The Hopi believed the appearance of the Hopi Blue Star signified the end of one world and the beginning of another. Ancient carvings show the Hopi Blue Star, an image many modern day archaeologists believe began today's beliefs in aliens. Your archaeoastronomy work can help you learn more about aspects of early cultures that will benefit any work you do with modern tribes.

The Benefit Of Having A Career That Can Go Into More Than One Direction

Expanding your knowledge of early Native American culture can increase your opportunities as an archaeoastronomical professional. You can take your studies to other parts of the world or you can teach. The more you expand your studies, the more opportunities you will have for employment and further educational studies. With the many Native American tribes, the knowledge you can gain in Native American studies can give you several directions in individual tribal studies.

Taking your education to higher levels always has great benefits for future applications of your knowledge. When you have a strong foundation in tribal studies, you can enhance your archaeoastronomy career goals.